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15061 Grizzly Ridge™

Product Review (submitted on July 17, 2018):
I recently purchased this knife at a Cabela's in Kansas City Ks. I was drooling over all the Benchmade knives and saw this stunning Grizzly Ridge. In my opinion, it is the PERFECT blade length. The S30V steel is phenomenal and the handle was so comfortable and grippy. I instantly fell in love with this knife.

The build quality is unmatched! The blade size and shape is perfect, the grind on my blade is phenomenal, and the handle feels so comfortable in either hand, no matter how I grip it. There is absolutely no wiggle on the blade in any direction. I have read a few "complaints" about how the Axis lock studs are too small, but I find them easy to grab and I like how they are tucked away. I think if they stuck out any more, they would alter the comfort of the grip. I don't have any complaints about the arrow clip, but I do prefer a "Deep Carry Pocket Clip". So what did I do? I contacted Benchmade's AMAZING support staff, and one is one the way. Easy change.

I can't say enough about this knife. After just one knife, I am an Official Benchmade Fanboy!