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Product Review (submitted on August 2, 2018):

This was my first serious knife purchase. Before the Adamas I used cheap knives from Walmart and such. I did a lot of searching around and I wanted something that was sturdy, able to be an EDC, and felt good in the hand. This met all of those criteria and more.

The knife has solid heavy feel. It is not too heavy though after you get used to it. I back pocket EDCd it for a while but it tore a hole in my jeans so I switched to front cary and have noticed no problems. I know everyones anatomy is different, but when front carrying, it does not interfere when sitting down, walking, or normal movement.

The steel has held up really well for me but I will say that the edge did not stay sharp for as long as I expected nor did it come from the store (Cabelas) as sharp as I would have liked it; not Benchmade's problem. Thanks to Benchmade's life time sharpening, I don't really have to worry about getting it sharpened elsewhere.

The action is just awesome! I still sit around and open and close this knife. The opening action is so fluid and satisfying. Just make sure you oil it a little and it will make it even more fun. The opening is so well balanced you can open it with two fingers. Its a blast!

I would totally recommend this knife to anyone who will be using it a lot and is in a field that requires a tank of a knife. I have the non-serrate version in all black.

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