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Saddle Mountain Skinner Family

Product Review (submitted on August 14, 2018):
This was the very first Benchmade knife I bought. I was in search of a good all around fixed blade knife that could handle the multiple tasks of skinning/butchering a deer. Being military and law enforcement I had already heard of Benchmade's quality, however was hesitant on spending the money. This knife exceeded all expectations and was worth every penny. I purchased this knife in person from a local outdoor shop and the sharpness of the blade was astronomical. I skinned and butchered my first deer with this knife and it cut like butter. The blade kept its edge and is ready for the next. The other things I like about this knife is the feeling if you were in a survival situation, say in the mountains, this knife would also prove to be a great utility knife. I.E. cutting, splitting, shaving wood for a fire. In conclusion, I believe this is a great all around knife that will perform in any situation and could save your life if need be.