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Product Review (submitted on August 18, 2018):
I broke down and bought this,little Gem fro Blade HQ. the ranger green model. It is a handsome little devil and a great light weight edc knife. A knife for a bugout situation, I think I would prefer something more substantial. But then again the first task I used it for it held up just fine. I had to dismantle and cut down a huge box that a recent car top purchase had plopped down in my living room. This box was sturdy and big and had hidden industrial sized staples hidden throughout the box. The little Bugout handled it well, I did manage to roll a bit,of the edge when I found a hiding staple, a big staple at that. A quick few swipes of the Spyderco sharp maker fixed edge and brought it back to sharp.

I was a little hesitant about buying this knife as the price seemed a bit steep for the materials used. My fears were for not this is a solid knife and well constructed with no blade play and fairly centered. I love how it just slips into my pocket and disappears with no discernible weight. I liked how it tackled the large box without any problems and I was not being gentle with the knife.

Ok Benchmade I really,like this,knife and,it has been riding in my front pocket since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago. The blade shape is outstanding and as such I have a request. Make a super bugout. Lengthen the blade to 3.5 inches, run the steel liners down the length of the handle? Put a set of green Micarta scales on it and beef the width of the blade a bit... that would be a bugout knife for sure and betmit would sell li,e crazy.oh and change the steel to either CPM S35V or CPM M4and you wont be able to keep it in stock?