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Product Review (submitted on August 30, 2018):

I have reasearched, read reviews and watched videos on the Griptillian but never bought one for myself. I did purchase one for my wife but just never pulled the trigger for myself. Made the mistake of going to the custom shop and a couple of days ago ordered my grip. Sheepsfoot blade, forest green scales with vertical stippling, all black screws and axis lock along with silver deep carry pocket clip. My baby arrived today, talk about quick service. I couldn’t be more pleased. The centering is perfect, the modified sheepsfoot blade is sharp, real sharp. The G10 scales with the vertical stippling feels real good and more substantial than the plastic ones by a lot.did a quick cardboard cut and the blade just zipped through the package I opened. Push cut,paper with ease. The action is a bit stiff in closing but that’s fine with me.i ordered the knife in one of my favorite steels M4, a little mineral oil keeps it rust free.. I live near saltwater and have had no problem with M4 rusting, just take some fairly new Bugout just got some bad news, it’s getting relegated to deep pocket carry while the Grip rides in the honor seat of my right front jeans pocket.This is my first Benchmade ordered from the custom shop and they hit it out of the ballpark.. the knives cost a bit more but getting to have a say in the materials used and the attention to detail makes the purchase well worth the extra bucks. Good Job Benchmade I am lovin my Grip and highly recommend the custom shop and did I tell you I am lovin my Grip.

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