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Steep Country Family

Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2018):
I have used this knife to gut several whitetail deer and it performed perfectly. It's very light, almost too light but i'm not complaining. I recently bought the hidden canyon to try out and I love that one too. I used it the day after I got it on a deer. Every benchmade knife I own was ready to use right out of the box. Very sharp and they stay sharp a LOOOOOONG time. There are knives that are a fraction of the price that work great once or twice but they always need to be sharpened. I am not very good at sharpening and the S30V steel seems to stay sharp a VERY LONG time. I also have a mini boost for my EDC and it is also great. I'm sure it would gut a deer just as good but would be harder to clean up after the fact. I have not tried to chop down trees or cut a hole in a car hood with any of these knives but the bottom line is this, You can't go wrong with anything made by benchcraft when it comes to cutting up animals. Find the one that first your hand the best and you're all set for the rest of your life. I'm not a fan of this plastic sheath. It works but I worry about a screw popping out. I still prefer the old leather sheaths.