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Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2018):
I have owned and carried this knife for a year and a half now (EDC) and it only gets swapped out for a Spyderco Native 5 (S110V blade) from time to time. Definitely my favorite pocket knife. While I own several other top notch knives (mostly other Benchmades), this model, the Arcane, gets more use than all the others combined. Excellent shape/ergonomics, fantastic quality and design, and just a stupid sharp blade that holds it's edge like you cannot believe. No, really... You won't believe it. It stays razor sharp through cardboard box after cardboard box, cleaning a hog, etc. I've only sharpened it twice (really just a very minor touch up each time), twice since I bought it. Weighs so little that I can wear it in my pocket while exercising and not even notice it. The blade deploys only marginally slower than my mini barrage, which is to say, it still opens with authority. Pricey, but worth EVERY penny.