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Hidden Canyon Hunter Family

Product Review (submitted on November 3, 2015):
The knife itself is fantastic. Very small and made from great materials, holds an edge and is very resilient.
The sheathe is good, but I would like to see some type of synthetic sheathe offered in the future. I gave the knife 4 stars on quality because the leather sheathe is the only option. While the sheathe is well made, I spent a couple of weeks with it out in the wild on survival or hunting trips and after it got wet it stretched out significantly and some of the threads holding it together started coming apart. I tried to keep it dry and protected but sometimes it can't be helped. After it would get wet, I tried to dry it out as best I could but it just wasn't up to the challenge. I understand that this is a property of leather and I should have thought about that before taking it on the trips, but I wish there was a synthetic one available to prevent this sort of occurrence.