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Product Review (submitted on October 26, 2018):

All my life I have loved and purchased knives, however I thought that spending anything over $50.00 for one was crazy. Then I began to research Benchmade, and boy was I wrong. The first Benchmade I bought was the 570 (a beast of a knife!) and I love it! But I wanted something a little lighter with a smaller price point, and the Griptilian fit the bill. Now first of all let’s talk about the design and quality. The shape of the knife fits perfectly in the hand and looks great, the blade also looks great and is perfect for light to medium duty everyday tasks. The quality is straight up unbelievable, the materials are very high quality and durable, and so are the mechanisms inside, to enforce this I’ll also add that I have been flipping this knife open and closed all day everyday since I got it wondering if it would result in any blade play, but none at all!!! But beyond this amazing knife is the also amazing company, I couldn’t find something I was wanting on there website so I E-mailed them and they replied remarkably fast for a large company. They told me that they would be glad to help me with what I wanted and gave me there customer service phone number, and it kept getting better, the woman who answered the phone was super friendly, almost to the point that I thought she was an old friend! In the end they were able to get the item I wanted with no trouble at all! This is why I will always choose to spend a little more money for a better product that will last a lifetime, with the customer support to back it up!

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