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Steep Country Family

Product Review (submitted on November 5, 2015):
The Steep Country Hunter – First impression – this is a nice knife, fit is comfortable and it is not over done. Feels well built but not like a brick in my pack. I do not like the angle of this blade it is too much skinner not enough do it all. Love the orange handle and tackiness of the grips.
In use – I do not know how but the starting incision on the anus and hind legs did just that, started the cut, the tip stayed in the space between hide and meat.My first impression of the blade being "too much of a skinner" evaporated as I was very easily able to free the anus of the connective tissue in the pelvis. Blade length is optimal for skinning the narrow forelegs without giving your wrists and forearms too much of a workout.As well as getting inside the cavity to free the diaphragm cut the esophagus and remove the heart.
Blade maintained a good level of sharpness, I skinned and boned 2 deer, skinned and quartered another in 4 days and did not touch up the blade. In honesty I should have touched the blade up halfway through but I wanted to see how far I could push it. By the end the blade had plenty of edge left to do the job, but it was not a razor.
After actually putting the thing to use this is definitely an all purpose mountain knife, and in my opinion a lot of knife for the money.