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Nakamura AXIS Family

Product Review (submitted on October 29, 2018):

This is my third Benchmade knife and I'm very pleased with it with just a couple of exceptions, most of which have been noted on other reviews. First, the aesthetics, fit and action of this knife are outstanding. I carry in pocket as my everyday carry knife with shorts (I use a different, slightly larger Benchmade when wearing long pants). This knife fits perfectly in my hand and has a very comfortable grip.

As another reviewer noted, the thumb studs extend a bit too far wide of the handle, which causes them to catch when pulling from pocket. The first week I owned this I sliced my finger pretty deeply when retrieving the knife as it partially opened when catching and then sliced me when trying to "free" the stud, causing the blade to close back down (all while still in pocket). It only took once and I'm now extremely careful when retrieving, but it is something you have to be mindful of always.

Also, the sharpness from factory was disappointing compared to my other Benchmade knives. While my other Benchmade's were scary sharp new, this one was merely sharp. With the harder S90V steel, it is a bit more brittle, so with my heavy use, it has taken on some slight chipping on the blade. I'm actually about to send in for a lifesharp servicing, so I'll be curious to see if it comes back sharper than when new. If not, I'll seek other sharpening options for this one in the future.

Overall, a bit expensive, but you are paying for high end steel (mine is S90V) but an outstanding knife in size, weight and ergonomics for EDC once you're acquainted with the risk.

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