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495 Vector™

Product Review (submitted on November 3, 2018):
If James Bond carries a Benchmade, this is the one. Fit and finish are excellent, as we expect from BM. The slim design, contoured hardware and semi smooth G-10 scales slip into, and out of any pocket easily without damaging material in jeans, slacks or a suit breast pocket, yet provides solid traction to grip. You could use it for an EDC at a construction site, but this is more likely going to see the inside of a pocket or briefcase more than being in constant use. The assisted flipper pushes the envelope. It is so fast and smooth that many will claim it is an automatic. Being a solid opener it is best to use two hands to close it, which I know may bother some people. There is a lock to avoid accidental openings but I would prefer it served double duty and kept it locked open when deployed, which it does not. The spear tip is very attractive and has a dagger like grind to it. Good tactical blade but it may startle non-knife people so deploy wisely in some places. The pocket clip is small and with a slim butt, so it does not appear to be a mid size knife when clipped to your pocket. I think this would appeal to a gentleman or a professional who will carry it more for tactical considerations than for pure utility. It is now my EDC, and I would not be surprised if we see it in the next James Bond movie.