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Product Review (submitted on November 5, 2018):
i just received the knife and haven't used it yet, but i have other bushcraft knives. i have been looking for a high end bushcraft/hunting knife and i thought this would be a good choice. i like the knife, its thick and the saber grind is more suited to what i want to use it for (compared to a scandi). my complaint is with the sheath. it has a dangler loop but no dangler, why would you do that? the extra leather might be a few bucks and with the loop it has you could fold down if you didn't want to use it. i am left handed and benchmade doesn't have an option for a left handed sheath. i called customer service and there is nothing they can do. several of the other companies that make bushcraft knives accommodate left handers (ltwright, barkriver, ...) they understand that this is annoying and they will do something to help you out. you should do this too benchmade! there is nothing worse than spending almost $200 on a knife and opening the box and instantly being annoyed. benchmade makes knives for military and police, so i don't see how they haven't done something to solve this problem already (cold steel's fixed blade sheaths are ambidextrous).i also think the size of the sheath will make getting it in/out more annoying than a pouch style sheath. this is not my first bad experience with a behcmade sheath either. i recently sold a saddle mountain skinner. the SMK had a kydex sheath that had a retention problem and the belt loop was made of kydex, leather would be a better choice. i am starting to think that sheaths for behchmade knives are an after thought. i live in florida and that played a big role in buying this knife, stainless steel over chemical coated carbon steel. i am not sure i will keep this knife or not, not looking foward to the money i would have to spend to get a sheath that works for me.