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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on November 12, 2018):

I have had the knife for almost a year now, and I have to say it is hands down my favorite knife. I never really thought about getting a bench made knife before getting hired at my current job where my co-worker has had a 940 for about 2 years. I held his and really liked everything about the knife. It took me about a month to decide if I wanted the 940 and not another model but after thinking about it I made the decision to get one. It has been my edc since I got it. Before getting my 940 I had hopped between a couple of different brands and styles not really like any of them and spending around $300 on different knife till I found one I was not in love with but liked the best before getting this one. I will say for sure if you are thinking about getting this model to do it. The knife is quite light and thin which is a pro as I carry it in my back pocket next to wallet, which is really nice because it sits next to my wallet and doesn't interfere with my wallet and visersa. The blade length is also perfect for the state in which I live because they have a 3.7 inch blade length limit so this comes in under that but still has immense amounts of space and cutting area.
After breaking in the action it has been buttery smooth ever since. I personally really like the reverse tanto style blade (I'm not a fan of clip points) and the fact it gives you the option to go with a serrated or plain blade style is even better.
I have looked at other models but am always drawn back to this model.
I have recommended this model to quite a few people before and they have gone on it get one of their own, and everyone who has gotten one has made it their edc. Bench made really knocked it out of the park with this model. My only complaint is that this model isn't in the customize able category such as the Griptilian, but past that. 10/10 on all category's.

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