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Mini Barrage® Family

Product Review (submitted on November 23, 2018):
It took me a while to warm up to this knife. I don’t know why. Maybe I was looking for something showier. In any case, I’d had it for some time before I paid attention. Now it looks just about perfect.

The size is right for me--easy to carry and large enough to use. It doesn’t seem like a cut-down version of a larger knife. The G10 grip has a sculpted form different from many flat, two-dimensional shapes. It is very light.

The assist is aggressive. There is spring pressure all the way to the open, locked position. It opens easily, but it’s no mousetrap and the safety lock is not really needed. One-handed closing is not comfortable and not secure; I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone but a card sharp.

Mine is nicely made, but the design somewhat obscures that. The factory edge (S30V) is nothing special and could stand a tuneup.