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Product Review (submitted on December 16, 2018):
I have many knives I am Co-Founder of Strykeforce Close Quarters Combat Systems my son and I founded it in 2007 it's a self defense school not big but we in depth teach primarily the Defendu System There are very few knives that I recommend to our students Benchmade is one of.the top recommended brands I tell them to find a model that fits you well n that your comfortable with and always carry it the model that Im most comfortable with is your black label tactical Contego with a black serrated blade I always carry it with me ans I also carry another knife which is several different brands as my cutter you see my contego is my defense weapon and so I don't cut with it thats why I always have a second knife with me as my cutting knife I purchased the Contego after doing some research into it and what led me to my decision of making this my defense knife was the following first the axis lock it is as strong as a fixed blade no play or wobble in the blade when it clicks open it's open to stay until you close it then was the blade material it's the strongest blade benchmade produces and it's razor sharp and holds an edge and is easily resharpend then the aggressive G-10 grips besides being my favorite grip material they're aggressive which is important in a self defense knife it's the perfect size n balance for which I carry it for and God forbid I'll ever need it but if the day should come I know it'll be there n be ready.