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AFO II Family

Product Review (submitted on December 30, 2018):
In over fifteen years active duty in the US Army I carried the original of this knife. It went to combat every time i have since joining the Army a month after the 9/11 attacks. I was issued this knife by the 101st Airborne and it has served me well ever since. I liked the knife so much i bought a spare and kept for delicate things and the original one I used for my day to day needs. Much like the other soldiers I used and continue to use that knife for cutting everything you can imagine and a few things you probably would not. I used these knives in conditions that ranged from down pour torrential rain to searing dry heat with sand penetrating every crevice of the knife. These knives have never NEVER let me down no matter how hard I was on them. I tried gerbers and other brands but they all came up short in comparison in some way rather it be grip, blade, sharpness or durability. From a new dirty leg grunt to a deputy sheriff these knives have been there with me every step of the way performing better than other knives. Most people cannot believe how good this knife will perform and look even after all of these years. The one i used like a utility knife still operates very well and is just now starting to show a weakened spring and I guess I will have to learn how to send it in for repairs. I used these knives in harsh conditions doing harsh missions and did not baby them what so ever. I can remember one instance where after having the knife for about six or seven years and just as many deployments I was riding in a Blackhawk and had just cut some IV cord and the craft tilted hard as we were on approach to land and out the side of the bird goes my open and trusty Benchmade. Initially I wanted to jump out with it but cooler heads prevailed. Now I never would have believed that I would find the knife nor would it be functional after wards but how wrong I was. The knife was fine aside from some scrapes and slight gouging after falling out of a aircraft moving 90 MPH and hundred or two feet in the air. I have used the knife in ways that are beyond recommended uses or even wise such as a chisel, impact weapon, round extractor, wire cutter, shrapnel excavator, animal butchering, cutting through soft shell humvees ect ect. The blade is stronger than I could have ever hoped for and keeps an edge like nobodies business. These are the kind of knife you buy and carry your whole life. I have carried the same two for almost seventeen years and would die if something happened to either one of them. You buy a Benchmade for life and you carry it with absolute faith that it will hold up and be there when you need it to be no matter what challenge lays ahead or how extreme what you may ask it or need it to do. These other soldiers are not exaggerating you can cut sheet metal, wire, rubber, canvas and flesh and never miss a beat. My grandfather use to carry a rifle and pistol that both used the same size shell and he told me you buy things that last forever and complement each other and that is what you get when you buy Benchmade. I wish I could sing their praises more or demonstrate just how great these blades really are. Try one and you will know what thousands of other soldiers and myself already know.