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SOCP Spear-Point Family

Product Review (submitted on November 19, 2015):
This is one of the few fixed blade defensive knives you can comfortably carry all day. I carried mine for a month straight all day at work and all day at home and it was never in the way once. While it has limited utilitarian use its primarily a reverse grip only defensive knife. The nice thing is that all reverse grip methods of use apply be it karambit, pkal or chinese ring dagger, and in the double edge version all techniques are available at the same time. I recommend getting the trainer with it as it allows you to practice full power thrusts on testing media and fine tune your hand position on the knife. It just so happens to be a lot of fun to twirl also and works perfectly with western gun spinning tricks. I haven't tried shooting with it but it would make a perfect companion knife for those who carry a firearm. Its greatest strength I believe is in its drop point version which offers a USA made knife that is affordable, weighs nothing, comfortable, legal, yet provides instant deadly force response to its owner. I think of it as the integral fang or stinger nature deprived man of.