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Product Review (submitted on January 15, 2019):

I purchased 3 of the 275 Manual version, two as deployment gifts for my Sons and one for myself. We have carried and brutalized these Knives for several years and they are as tight and sturdy as the day we got them. I know for a FACT you can trust your Life to the Adamas 275 platform without failure. This knife is a LIFETIME PRODUCT, meaning it will last my lifetime and then some. This is a tried and true working knife and the build quality shows. I stated perfection in my summary and I meant it, the collaboration with Benchmade and Mr. Sibert came up with a knife that will last generations. I own other Benchmade knives and if they had the choice of only one I would pick my Adamas 275 without hesitation. It’s a sad thought having to only have one Benchmade though. If you have to save, beg or borrow buy the Adamas or ANY Black Class Benchmade knife, you can bet your Life it will not fail you.
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