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980 Turret™ Family

Product Review (submitted on February 12, 2019):
Dear Benchmade,

Yesterday on my way to Charlotte, NC from Nashville.I stopped in Gatlinburg at SMKW specifically to look at the Turret. I walked up to the Benchmade counter and asked to see the 980SBK which the young man handed me. It fit perfectly in my hand and I knew I had to have it.I opened and closed it several times and it locked tight on the beefed up AXIS, it opened smooth, is well centered,and sharp out of the box just like every knife Benchmade produces. This knife is a larger knife, but the way it flows and fits in the hand, you don’t really notice the weight like you do with the Adamas. As a bonus it looks cool! I know a lot of people will look at this as a tactical knife, but I feel it’s well served as a EDC, with tactical purpouses if needed.I can’t wait to use the Turret at work, at home, and at play. You Benchmade have done a top notch job with Turret. Thank You for quality knives that perform as designed every time. Also while at SMKW yesterday I purchased the Casbah 4400S which also is a well designed knife.