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Barrage® Family

Product Review (submitted on November 30, 2015):

I have had more pocket knives throughout the years than I could possibly ever count. One or two really good knives, a couple dozen average ones, and then a bunch of end of the counter knives. The $5-$10 impulse buys next to the checkout stand at most any convenience store. It was not until I held this kind if in my hand for the first time that I knew it was far superior to anything I've owned in the past by far. I could tell by the packaging alone. It was in a box which contained a small black drawstring bag then surrounded by hard foam.
Once unveiled it was beautiful, the craftsmanship was apparent it had a nice heafty weight a thick rigid blade. When buying a knife it's could only be compared to racing a bicycle and a jet plane. Not even close.
Do yourself a favor and save for what you want instead or dealing with what you can easily afford.

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