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Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2015):

I am currently on my third blade on my second Infidel. The Infidel is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye but with terrible design flaws that must be addressed in the future. Horizontal and or lateral movement within a few light uses of the tool at the base of the blade. Benchmade fixes problem but lasts long enough to butter and few pieces of bread, then back to the shop with the Infidel. Blade is very nice, holds an edge and durability of the blade is excellent. Owned the Infidel mini but sold it right after having to bring it back for repair within three weeks (21) days. Having been both assistant instructor as well as lead instructor in numerous edged weapons courses. Specializing in carry and quick deployment techniques as well as lethal strikes. The two sided spear blade is an amazingly lethal configuration. I'm a civilian now, stil carry my Infidel but it's a solid number 5 of 5 in order of deployment. If the unfortunate were to happen and I was forced to defend myself or others. Left and right hand would have an AFO 2 TANTO 50% serrated. In case of loss of either primary, would then cross draw my ADAMAS 375BK. Worst case scenario loss of weapon or weapons already deployed, due to multiple attackers and or having to throw your primary or secondary edge, only after deployment of my third AFO 2, then and only then would I use my Infidel to dispatch my attacker or attackers. I've been carrying Benchmade products since I can remember I am a huge fan, the Infidel is pretty to look at but so was my 5th ex-wife but I couldn't trust her either. ...

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