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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on April 27, 2019):
Now I'm a young guy. I've been on this knife journey for a few years or so now. I've had many knives in and out of my pocket but this just can't ever seem to leave. It's the dream knife. I've owned the 940 for about a year before giving it away to a man in need of a Quilty campaign. I then found myself with a 940-1 in my pocket (the golden standard of gold standard). Ive been using this knife for about a year now. It has worked with me in many areas. Living life as a missionary I rarely see the same thing twice. But this knife does not care. Wether its construction in a foreign land or hiking threw the jungles of Pacific Islands or sitting behind a desk editing videos. This knife will not bother you, it will only serve you. You can slide it into your pocket and forget you had it until you need it. This knife is the best well rounded and vesitle knife I have ever owned and I could not recommend it enough. Even though that pice can be a hard one to chew on, you'll forget about the extra money when your relying on the Quilty of a BM and not some cheap Chines garbage. Just buy it, you'll love it.