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Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2019):
i got this as a gift from my grandfather right before i left for bootcamp, which was the biggest tease considering it was the day before i left. The action is ridiculously solid and offers very little play in the blade (even 8 months of cutting things and just general actuating). The mechanism is unique to other OTF knives (even for the same $500 price tag) where that if the blade meets too much resistance and jumps off track that resetting it does not require any tension on the spring, but simply just pull the blade out until it clicks (virtually effortlessly). the only real issue i have with this knife is the edge bevel on the reverse of the blade; its very shallow (less than 1/32"). My only issue with that is it makes sharpening the blade difficult and its challenging to get the correct bevel to achieve a razor sharp edge properly, however it is still manageable.

id like to see more color options to make it at least semi unique. and maybe a serrated blade option

overall, this is the best automatic knife ive ever owned and used. ill never get rid of it and benchmade has a customer for life.