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Product Review (submitted on June 2, 2019):
My platoon bought me a custom engraved CLA automatic after retiring my beautiful and faithful Ruckus which served with me overseas in the Marine Corps as well as 7 yrs on a SWAT team. They knew that l love Benchmade knifesfor many seasons to the heft of the Ruckus but quickly adjusted to the lighter but more nimble CLA. Though both are quick auto CLA spring seemed to deploy the CLA blade with a quick "SWICK!" as opposed to the Ruckus "THUNK". Sadly tho after owning the CLA for 2 years, it was taken by the "security" at Disneyworld. I had left the knife in my pocket and declared it before passing through. A supervisor was called to the scene and I ask for a little professional courtesy in handling the matter as I explained to them that I was a police officer and the knife was a gift from my platoon on our return from AFG. Strangely that seemed to irritate him more and rudely said that the only option I had was to surrender the knife to him or leave my family (which had already passed through security) and take the 45 minute bus trip back to my room. I told him that I would handle it and walked 200 yards back to the shuttle bus drop off.There was not a soul in sight so I sit down on a flower bed a buried the knife at least 2 inches under the potting soil, under flowers. I then backed away and took several pictures for reference points and back to the park. Upon my return 10 hrs later, the knife had been dug up and stolen. Reviewing my pics I noticed two OD green camera bulbs hanging from a ornamental light post.Im certain he made his mission to watch what I did with knife. I'll bet $500 My prized knife is in that renta pocket. Sorry for the rant, just don't want anyone else losing such a great and needed tool for company theft.That knife has met combat than you'll ever know that you couldn't handle. But I've bet your proud wearing a real warriorsknife. O e day I'll find that on of us wiiL.THANX BENCMADE