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Product Review (submitted on December 11, 2015):

I've been looking for a knife that would be good to carry everyday. After researching different knives for nearly a month I found this knife. I went to the extreme of watching torture tests, comparing the weight and taking blade length measurements of knives I already own.

I was a little concerned about the weight and size of the knife, but after carrying it my concerns disappeared. This knife is reasonably flat for its size and it wears so comfortably I occasionally check my pocket to make sure I haven't left it laying somewhere at work.

The knife is extremely sharp straight out of the box. I nearly gave myself razor burn while shaving hairs off my arm. The locking mechanism is very smooth and sturdy. The blade has not met anything that it will not cut yet. Recently I cut through 8 layers of 1,800 pound nylon strapping. It went through most of the stack with a single pass.

I'm confident this knife will last a very long time. If you buy it, you will not be disappointed.

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