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EDC Edge Maintenance Tool

Product Review (submitted on July 9, 2019):

Let me start by saying i love both work sharp and benchmade own both companies products an they are great but this little collab feels like a loss for both the idea an concept its great for small pocket knives an i understand the marketing behind jumping on the edc bandwagon but in short the price and quality of this thing doesn't match up it feels cheap it feel about on par with worksharps 20 dollar knife sharpener an neither the rod or strop are replaceable to me your better of going for the worksharp guided field sharpener at a a price point of 30 dollars you can do everything this tool states an then some with replaceable coarse and fine grit stones or if you just want light touch up their retractable honing rod all in this product is a swi g and a miss for me but to each their own

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