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Product Review (submitted on February 11, 2016):

I was unsure about purchasing this knife, the price put me off I'll be completely honest. In my line of work I need a good dependable quality knife; but $100+ for a knife all I could think was that is ridiculous. Spoke with friends and people in the industry and read a lot of reviews and videos on Benchmade and I couldn't find a negative one, even better it's a USA product and I know US products are a little more but the quality is better than overseas crap. So I broke down and purchased this assist knife.

Well let me tell you this knife blew my socks off. The quality of the blade, handle, spring, safety and release are unmatched with anything that I have owned or handled (from Gerber to Kershaw to Ontario to SOG). The spring action on this knife is super strong and fast. The safety is easy access as well as the release to be able to fold the blade away. Not to mention the knife is just bad A looking. The detail in the knife is great, the feel of the knife in my hand is better feel than any other knife I have owned or used in my life so far. I was going to give price only 4 stars originally but the more I thought about it, but in honesty I think the price is just right for the quality, detail and design that this knife brings. Benchmade definitely just earned a lifelong customer, as I write this I'm deciding on the hunting knife and Auto knife that I am buying....

Bottom line if you want a top quality spring assist knife, buy this and you wont regret it!

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