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Product Review (submitted on February 13, 2016):

This was an investment. My wife would panic if she found out I paid this, but I know knives and I know I wanted a knife I could trust. An infidel is quite unique among the many knives, which is a selling point, but I like to know I have backup from the company if I have issues. I really wanted a 940 and will surely get one, but I have many good folders. Until now, I had nothing like this.

Reading the other reviews tells me the blade can be affected by weather so I will keep this in mind. It remains to be seen how many miles can be placed on the opening mechanism, but knowing I can send it in for repair feels good. This ought to be the case at this price. The heft is nice, not being too light but yet not too bulky. The construction is solid and due to my other D2 blades, I know D2 is a great knife steel, but have patience when you sharpen it. As said, my biggest concern is the opening mechanism, as this opens or it doesn't. But I have faith in Benchmade and know they wouldn't do to themselves what Buck did with the BuckMaster years ago.

I am not sure this is everyday carry as it is tactical, but then, why not? A quality blade is a quality blade and I won't be lifting cars with it or digging up rocks. Don't abuse it and it should be just fine for a long time. Besides, I sincerely doubt an owner of this knife only owns this knife.

Owning this and a 940 would solidify a personal cutting inventory if you want to carry both. Keep in mind that The Infidel isn't for everyone, so know that having this means you have a singular, fascinating cutting tool made by a great company. Show it off. Brag about it. Take care of it. Eventually pass it on. I am holding it, playing with it and looking it over while writing this, and I can say that while I'm a bit dizzy for spending this much, I can't deny the smile I get when holding it and watching that pretty blade appear and disappear. Overall, I am happy with this and I'll care for it.

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