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Griptilian® Family

Product Review (submitted on February 14, 2016):

The Griptilian has more than exceeded my expectations. I have owned it for 9 months and intend to send it in for sharpening and tune-up at it's 1 year anniversary. It has made such an impression I want to buy a second Griptilian just to have one when I send the other in. I own a security systems business and work in unique environments on a daily basis. Everyday I find myself in attics, crawl spaces and other confined spaces. The Griptilian goes with me every step of the way giving GREAT service. I have owned hundreds if not thousands of brand name Chinese made knives and wouldn't consider going back to one of those.For years I couldn't justify to myself the expense of a quality made knife like Benchmade.After experiencing the Benchmade difference I now realize all those other knives were a waist of money. The sales clerk at my local knife shop told me something that sold me. He said "if you continue to buy cheap knives you will pay for a high quality knife and never own it".

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