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Product Review (submitted on February 15, 2016):
I got this knife as a present for Christmas 2015 and it has been in my pocket everyday since. The more i handle the knife the more i love the ergonomics of the Lerch design for a varity of comfortable/useful hand positions. This was suprising to me for knife this small. Folded it is fully concealed in my fist. It goes to the office and to the store in the slacks or in the jeans. The size doesn't intimidate co-workers or freinds and i dont think twice before deploying the knife in any setting it is required. Ultra quick deployment of a rasor sharp edge from a comfortable carrying postion (using the clip) is what this knife is all about. My thumb finds the blade release button as i pull the remove the knife from my pocket in one single (right handed) movement. For me this is perfect and the speed will suprise any onlookers. The knife has been dropped onto tile floors and concrete but still functions perfectly. There are small indentions in the aluminum handle but in my opinion i enjoy the light weight of the alumunim frame as opposed to harder steel or titanuium frames. It weighs less than my keys but feels solid with a tight lock-up. I did choose to do the laser engraving on this knife and am happy i did. The blade has held its edge from the factory well even though i have been using it on a regular basis on tasks such as removing carpet snags, opening mail, opening boxes, loose threads on clothing, ect. This was my first Benchmade knife but it won't be my last.