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Product Review (submitted on March 14, 2016):

Where to start? I've previously owned a high quality Benchmade knife before. That model was an Elishewitz, I believe it was a 905, but I can't recall as it was so long ago. At the time, I was working in Armed Security and wanted a quality pockete knife, something I could depend on if the situation required it. At that time, I had already owned some other nice knives, mostly from Cold Steel. I fell in love with the Elishewitz knife. It was such a high quality knife that I eventually sold my Cold Steel knife.

Sadly, I was parted with the knife as I had it with me on a vacation. I had unknowingly broken the law by carrying the knife over the border to Mexico. Of course, as it was illegal, the knife was taken from me and never returned. Honestly though, I got off easy, things could have been far worse, so losing the knife was perfectly acceptable. Sadly though, I had forgotten completely what the knife type was, so was unable to remember so that I could find a replacement in that time frame, so I never managed to get one to replace it.

Thankfully however, I finally found out the major mistake I had been making while searching for the knife and found my way back to Benchmade to replace it, but of course, as it has been over ten years since losing my original knife, I was too late to find an exact model like my last knife. It was at this time that I decided to replace it with a newer model knife, and decided that from the list of knives on this site, this model was the one that would make me recover from the loss of the original. Boy was I right. This knife is amazing. The build quality is top notch. The blade is perfectly centered and sharp. The material isn't heavy, it just exudes quality.

If your looking for a quality knife, this would be a highly recommended option. Benchmade knives are always superb. The price is great, considering that your buying an American knife and not something made overseas. If your interested in learning more, there are a few video's on YouTube that show the knife in action.

Just know, this knife is an assisted knife. There are states within the United States that make this type of knife illegal. Make sure before you order this knife that there are no laws preventing legal ownership in your neck of the woods.

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