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Griptilian® Family

Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2016):

First, some history. I've had two Griptilians so far and I've loved them both. The first was a 154CM which was retired, but I've saved it for when my nephew is older. The second was a limited-edition D2 which was lost along with my luggage on a flight back from Kaua'i. So I just ordered an S30V and I cannot wait to get it.

My knives see a lot of different use: opening 100's of boxes in a day, opening the mail, whittling, field-dressing animals, stripping wire, cutting food... It's a long list and of all the knives I've owned (Gerber, CRKT, SOG) the Benchmade Griptilian has been the only one to take it all. The ergonomics are superb and the AXIS lock beats everything else on the market. I buy them for friends and family because I want to spread the love. Even my wife loves my Benchmade knives.

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