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Contego Family

Product Review (submitted on April 23, 2016):
I'm a huge Benchmade user. My first was the Kulgara and I have several. I bought the Contego because I wanted a stong knife with a longer blade. The CPM M4 steel they used on this knife is unbelievably tough and stays sharp better than ANY blade I own.

Once, I got my Wakeboard rope wrapped around the prop shaft. The rope was made out of DYNEEMA and coated with tough poly coating. Most knives will not cut it. I took my Contego down and with a little effort was able to cut the DYNEEMA rope that has partially MELTED to the propshaft. The Contego saved us from needing to be towed back to the marina and ruining our day.

When I thought I lost it, I panicked. I was so concerned about being without it I bought another the next day. The original turned up some weeks later and now I have two thank God.

I only wish BM would make more knives with M4, and maybe some big fixed blades stainless blades for camping/survival.