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Product Review (submitted on May 11, 2016):

BLUF: After 8 yrs of daily carry I recommend this knife for it's quality, resilience, and wow factor.
I purchased this blade 8 yrs ago as a gift for myself based on Benchmade's reputation, and it's wow factor, but it has become so much more than that. It has been my daily carry both in and out of Marine Corps uniform for that time and it functions just as it did the day I got it.. It's price would probably encourage you to lock it away in a glass case, but mine is well worn and has never been treated like a princess. The black finish has faded and all the handle edges shine, but the blade extends and retracts with a flash, holds an edge, and does not have excessive side to side play (some play must be expected from a OTF due to the design, but a Benchmade is the tightest you can get. I never notice any play in daily use and had to check it just based on the comments from others in these reviews). It has seen the sand of numerous austere combat deployments and the wet of Southern training. What are my qualifiers, you ask? First, the blade edge will rust without care. I'm not talking about excessive care, but now and again it needs to be scrubbed and oiled, no biggie. Second, the mechanism needs to be periodically cleaned and lubed. Dirt, pocket lint, etc will get into the mechanism over time and slow/stop it's movement. For daily pocket carry this normally only entails applying some oil on the guide rails where the blade extends every now and again. If mine has gotten exposed to real dirt then I use an aerosol lube that evaporates like a hair clipper lube. This allows me to spray it in the blade opening and allow the excess and dirt to exit out the drain hole in the bottom. Lastly, it is an OTF dagger not a camp knife or a multitool, so that should be kept in mind with what you think you will use it for. I carry mine daily for defense but also use it like a utility knife, but there are times that another more robust blade might be better. In my mind it is a defensive blade that I can also use for basic living. If I was expecting significant daily blade work outside the design specs for a thin dagger I would carry another blade that would be thicker and larger (and probably cheaper and more expendable) to do that heavy duty grunt work.

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