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Griptilian® Family

Product Review (submitted on June 12, 2016):

I am so glad I did this, not just because the Griptilian is an all-around great knife, but the fact that I could modify it to my wants and needs is a great benefit. I was able to choose the handle color, which is sweet and nice but not a major deal to me, but that I could choose the point, steel and whether there is serration is fantastic to me.
I tried to avoid being a metal snob but not anymore. I might settle on some steels, but D2 and S30V are just wonderful steels for knives and I couldn't imagine settling for mere 420 stainless ever again. Yes, it is more expensive but anyone with sense knows you get what you pay for. This knife is on my person at all times and I don't see that changing anytime soon. If you need a major tactical blade then look at a Contego, but the Griptilian is more than good enough for everyday needs and then some.

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