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Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2016):

Ok, where to start. I have had my 551 for about 4 months now.I have used it everyday cutting boxes down, whittling sticks, opening packages, and many other EDC type tasks. the blade is excellent (I have to 154cm blade) I have only sharpened the blade twice, but remember cardboard is a blade's worst enemy. the knife has a great feel, and it is a good weight for an EDC blade. I have had many different knives that weighed many different weights, the 551 is a great weight and would be perfect for anyone looking to EDC this knife. I had to tighten the pivot screw a little, because I was flipping it all of the time. The smoothness of this blade is amazing the AXIS lock is something that i can not live without now. I'll pick up a buddy's CRKT and try AXIS locking the knife. The handle throws a lot of people off, but I have had no problems with it, I have dropped in on concrete from about 5 feet and nothing happened, stayed as good as new. The price is a good price for the quality and great customer service. I would recommend this knife to anyone.

The customer service is amazing too!

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