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Emissary® 3.5 Family

Product Review (submitted on July 3, 2016):

I have multiple knives I rotate into and out of my EDC, depending on dress (business, uniform or casual) and my mood in the morning. The Emissary has been in heavy rotation since I received it. The model I have the aqua with no serrations. First the negative, there is just something about the anodized aluminum that is like fingernails on a chalkboard whenever I first have a knife, not sure what it is or if it is (likely) just me. Once I carried for about a week, the coating smoothed out and I now have no issues handling the knife. On th plus side, the size length is perfect for my needs and bonus, is legal where I carry it. The edge itself is SHARP with a needle fine tip which has been used for some fine cutting already. Of course with a fine tip this is not a knife you want to use as a ad hoc pry bar. The assist is solid and the blade deploys with a satisfying snap. The blade lock is a nice addition but I rarely employ it. All in all a great knife and I'm happy I made the purchase.

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