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Contego Family

Product Review (submitted on July 17, 2016):
I have had this knife for about a week now and this is a wonderful blade. I have owned Spydercos, Coldsteels, Kershaws, etc... this knife puts them all to shame. The price; well you receive what you pay for... Made in America. Lifetime Warranty and Lifesharp coverage. Bench made has your back in this knife 100%. The laser etching is perfect on the blade. The M4 steel right out of the box was scary sharp. I didn't even have to hone this one. As for the G10 and gimping being "uncomfortable"? If you have delicate hands I would not recommend it. You grab onto this blade and it grabs onto you right back. That's exactly what you need in a tactical knife. This knife can serve as an EDC(it is a little larger in this spectrum) and as a tactical weapon. Overall, I am very satisfied and cannot give Benchmade's work enough praise. My ONLY little nit pick was that there was a HIAR of blade play that I decided to adjust out. I rotated the security screw about an 8th of a rotation, if that. I was actually slightly more critical than usual due to their reputation and I am STILL impressed. My new favorite knife.