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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on September 26, 2016):

I cannot say enough good things about this knife. I own several benchmade knives and several spyderco knives. I carry a knife everywhere so usually i look for lightweight folders for athletic shorts for running and biking etc. The benchmade 940 will simply disappear into anywhere. It is so light you forget you put it there. For being such a slim knife it is incredably sturdy, not to mention a great design too. I have the 940-2 which has g10 handles and the satin reverse tanto. I would have gotten the regular 940 if i wasnt going to use it. I like the 940-2 because its lighter than the other 940's (except for the carbon fiber) and it isnt as expensive as the carbon fiber model. The carbon fiber model's balance point is a bit off because the handle is so light. The g10 balance point is just about perfect. The benchmade 940 competes with the spyderco delica 4 which is cheaper and about the same weight.

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