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Griptilian® Family

Product Review (submitted on October 4, 2016):

I have multiple full and mini griptillians, as well as many other models. The grips are a great introductory model and carry a mini grip most every day. They hold up well and I have not had an issue with an axis lock yet, and if I do....I'll send it in no big deal. The handles are not my "preferred" material, but for EDC it is perfect as they do not stain and clean with a simple wipe with a cloth. When I'm going out I'll carry a higher quality BM. I personally do not care the sound that is made with full size grips when closing. I did buy an aluminum handle for one of my full size and yes it sounds much better but do not like the in hand feel as much as original handle. I also have a couple of the newer gray g10 handle grips and the feel great in hand with a little less grip due to texture being a bit less aggressive and are a little slimmer and 20cv steel holds a great edge.
I happen to be carrying a 556bkod today as it is my favorite color and bought a second one of that model today. I even have an older sheepsfoot full size grip in 440c steel and wish the newer sheepsfoot grips used a flat grind like it verses the hollow grind that the 154cm models do now,but the newer grips in 20cv do use a flat grind instead of a hollow grind. These are great user blades for EDC use when you don't want to use a nicer blade for the rougher dirty EDC use. Though I do carry the newer gray g10 grip sometimes when I go out even though it is not as "nice or fancy" as some of my better BM, they just feel so nice in hand.

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