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North Fork Family

Product Review (submitted on October 5, 2016):
I have a very extensive collection of what ranges from fully custom fixed blades and flippers to Swiss Army knives and ballisongs. But there was something about this little flipper.

First, the amazing look of the dymondwood handle down to the great ergonomic feel. Second, the amazing quality of s30v. It holds an edge like no other and withstood every element I had thrown at it with ease. Lastly, it just had the sex appeal, usability and everything I could possibly hope for in an "edc" flipper.

I lost it! As I said before I own many knives but losing this one I had carried every day for two years hurt. More than it should.

I will buy a new one at some point but it's a lot like my dog passing. It's hard to just want to replace something you've invested so much time, care and bonded with so much.
I romanticize about how it wore the few very small rust spots I proudly had obtained over time like beautiful patina freckles. I miss the small cracks in the dymondwood handle it wore like battle scars. I adored this flipper so much it almost doesn't feel right to replace it.