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Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2016):

Best auto I've had from bench made yet. The G10 handles feel great in the hand and create a slim lightweight profile that carries in the pocket extremely well. Bulk and/or weight have been my biggest issues with other autos such as the auto presidio and others I used to carry. The edge, like all other benchmades I've had, holds well. The one quality issue I have is that the factory edge is not exactly symmetrical, but I have yet to find a knife that has a symmetrical factory edge and I prefer to set my own edge at 22.5 or 25 degrees anyways. The lock is in a great location and easy to get used to for everyday use. The auto function is strong and snappy requiring a good grip on the knife when opening. Not a bad thing in my mind, just something to be aware of. Biggest (really only) drawback is the price, but buy quality once and you won't have to keep buying cheaper/lower quality knives over and over.

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