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Crooked River Family

Product Review (submitted on October 23, 2016):
This is the knife that has started my collection. I have been out of the knife/pocket tool game for some time, having been happy with the 154cm blade on my previous multi-tool. Finally I got sick of the compromise and wanted to carry a real knife again, all because of this beauty!

I'm glad it was this blade that finally caught my eye! Something about the beautiful sweep of the clip point subtly contrasted against the curve of the handle had me at first sight, but little did I know until I researched it that your actually getting a very fine chunk of steel (S30v, and very substantial size) along with that eye catching style!

I had never considered dropping >$100 on a folding knife before. Really, I would have thought it dumb to do so. But having seen what your dollars can get you these days, I'm hooked and my benchmade blade collection is now growing rapidly!