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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2016):

I've been carrying an Osborne 940 for more than 11 years. I say off and on because I'm on my 3rd knife. First knife was lost in the Cleveland OH metro parks. The second was left at the YMCA never to be seen again, and the 3rd I've been carrying since 2012. It is by far the best balance of features for an everyday carry knife I've ever had. The edge has never chipped or broken. the coating has held up reasonably well, and the half serrated edge is my choice for the overall best set of features. On a weekly basis I use this knife to cut open cardboard boxes, whittle wood, cut lamb and beef and pork roast for the grille, use it as a food knife at lunch time, cut rope and Para cord and many other daily tasks. With all this type of daily use, I use the Lansky Diamond/Ceramic 4-Rod Turn Box sharpening system to bring the knife back to shaving sharp testing it on my forearm. I don't know what angle Benchmade MFG's the knife edge at but I sharpen it at 20 degrees using this system and it is exceptional. The only detractor, for my own personal use, is the design of the pocket clip. the first two knives I lost, I'm fairly confident that I snagged the clip on a tree branch or on something and it came out of my pocket. This does happen from time to time but I usually catch it and pick the knife back up. 4 years of abuse on this, the pocket clip screws are beginning to strip. For pictures of my knife and a head to head comparison against Spyderco go to Great job Benchmade. If I loose the knife again, which I hope I don't, I'll buy it again...its that good.
Sam the cook.

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