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CLA Family

Product Review (submitted on November 25, 2016):

I absolutely love this knife. I've got the black g-10/ satin blade configuration. It has an amazing edge right off the shelf. I've been carrying this knife for about 6 weeks now and the edge has shown no sign of wear. Until now I've carried cheap Walmart knives like Gerber and Kershaw and the edges don't last even if you don't use them. The action is extremely smooth and functional, and the lock has a very solid engage and disengage which screams quality! My only complaint it the pocket clip, while I do love the deep carry clip (cough cough)... the thing doesn't even touch the side of the knife. I find myself checking my pocket to make sure it hasn't fallen out most of the time. Benchmade had fallen short of even the cheap brands in that aspect.

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