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Product Review (submitted on December 31, 2016):

I purchased the griptilian 550-1 with black coating last month for an airman going on his first deployment. Nothing seemed to be right with it when I received it. The blade was so horribly centered it rubbed against the g-10 scales and the coating new out of the box looked like it was painted on with a brush.. You could see the lines from the brush fibers all through the blade. So I called and had a replacement rushed to me before the Thanksgiving holiday and a week before I was supposed to give it as a gift. The second knife got to my house quickly but there were still significant quality control issues. Namely a razor sharp burr in the thumb hole and absolutely horrible sharpening. The person on the grinder either had a hangover that day or was itching to get home early as the bevel on one side was significantly ground at a more obtuse angle than the other side and I could literally see "waves" from uneven pressure. I took pictures and sent them to customer service and the initial lady I spoke with was amazing and very helpful but she due to me purchasing through a Leo/military vendor she sent along the case to the government purchasing reps and assured me that I would hear from them within a few days. I never did. The initial customer service rep continued to give me follow up info and stayed on top of things making sure I was taken care of. I later had to get that individuals name and left no less than 3 messages that went unreturned. By the time she actually answered it was to late to make the deadline and I had already spent 5 hours on my apex pro sharpener to get the blade in decent shape and a dremel to get rid of the burr in the thumb hole and had given it to the airman as he was getting on the c130 to head overseas.
When I did speak to the rep she bluntly asked me what exactly I wanted from her, told me that I shouldn't even be speaking with her. I asked for NOTHING from Benchmade. Merely an acknowledgement that they dropped the ball and showed proof in pictures. She then sent me an email giving me authorization for a free blade replacement that was condescending and made me sound like a liar and created doubt that it was ever a gift at all. I will never purchase another Benchmade knife after this experience.

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