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Bushcrafter Family

Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2017):
I really wanted to like this knife out of the box, and while I do, there are some things that could be improved upon and other items that should have been removed. My rating and review consider both the knife and sheath.

The blade was sharp out of the box, but most high-end knives are, a good thing. I like the knife, it has a good feel in the hand, well balanced. I don't really care for the curved spine. I also wish this particular model had a slightly longer blade, an extra inch or so would make it better at batoning dead-fall when you leave your axe at home. I'm also not impressed with the spine not holding it's edge up against Swedish fire-steel. It sort of folds or rolls after striking a few times. Blade keeps an edge well, and with a decent field sharpener I can keep it sharp anywhere under most circumstances. Good camp knife for basic tasks, chopping and delimbing, feathering and light splitting. Cuts food well, and doesn't leave a metallic taste in the food.

Now onto the sheath, my first question is why give a d-ring without a dangler? I can pick one up online anywhere from $5 to $25 so why not just include one? The handle sits high on the belt or hip, and so a dangler is required so it doesn't interfere with shirt or pack straps. I appreciate the leather addition, but it would have been better if more care had been put into its preparation. The rivets are just OK, the stitching feels flimsy, leaving me to wonder if they will swell or break when wet. I don't know, haven't tried it in the rain yet. A saving grace is the addition of the firesteel loop.

I really like the blade, but I don't think the sheath is worthy of the knife, it looks nice by feels hastily assembled, more though could have gone into the preparation of this essential safety hardware.

I will keep and recommend the knife, but am looking for a different sheath in the future.