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Hidden Canyon Hunter Family

Product Review (submitted on January 18, 2017):
This is a beautiful EDC carry knife for those of us who like fixed blades (or live in areas where assisted openers are illegal) but don't want long tactical spikes (or who can't use those because of legalities). It's perfectly sized for this.

I concur with Dan on the index sheath, it has issues but it's an otherwise great knife. The kydex sheath can be modified though. I trimmed back the kydex about 1/3-1/2" and it's a lot easier to draw. That said, the retention drops with the ease of draw and that I plan on fixing by adding a rivet in behind the rear most rivet. I have already tested it by pinching it while drawing and voila, the retention is back to a reasonable level. If anyone at Benchmade is reading, your sheath can be cured by simply moving back the two bottom rivets about 1/4". You can then drop off most of the material covering the handle. It's essentially the same profile on the sheath, but smaller.