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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on February 24, 2017):

I've carried my 940 everywhere with me longer than I've been married. It's become an appendage and I feel strange if it's not riding with me. It's been a letter opener, box cutter, utensil. I've gutted fish in the Pacific with it, repaired my car on the side of the road, smuggled it through security checkpoints, field dressed wild game, had to reclaim it from the police and lent it to people with inferior blades when theirs failed them. Not my Benchmade. It shows honest wear now, the anodizing is gone on parts of the handle, a screw backed out of the clip but it rides with me every day without fail. Unobtrusive on my right side and unfailing in it's performance.
Long after the shine of newness wears off, the assurance that the blade will perform, the lock will hold and the craftmanship with endure are why I trust this essential piece of kit.

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